Welcome to the Ukrainian Super Cup!

1Nothing fires up the Ukranian people quite like the Ukranian Super Cup. This year it’s more fiery than ever with rivalries going head to head even at the very beginning of the season.

The Ukranian Super Cup or Суперкубок України is an exhibition football game that is the grand opening for the football competition season in Ukraine.

The teams that will be battling are the victors of the past season’s Ukrainian Championship and the Ukrainian Cup.

There were four different occasions in the past where the national cup was won by a national champion. It was then gone head to head by the next best performers of cup competitions. This was called the Inter Super Cup of Ukraine.

Shakhtar Donetsk have trumped their best competitors for the last 3 times without yielding a goal, with a score of 8 in the match.

It was The Miners victory last year in the Supercup with a score of 2-0, beating out the Dynamo Kiev 3-0.

However, much is uncertain, because Mircea Lucescu, famous manager of 12 years, has left Zenit, leaving Paulo Fonseca with a herculean challenge.

Another wild card is Shakhtar who just came back from a drug ban. He is deemed to be one of the players to beat.